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Facilities Portfolio
Eastern Facilities Construction CMT
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Mar 15, 2019 4:18 pm A.

The Contractor must provide all material, labor, tools, supplies, equipment, transportation, superintendence, temporary construction of every nature, and all other services and facilities necessary to complete the interior security upgrades of a postal facility for the Postal Service, including all incidental work described in the Contract Documents.


The Scope of work is as follows: Installation and programming of new Enterprise Physical Access Control System, including USPS training and associated hardware and building modifications required for a fully functional ePACS system per USPS requirements, drawings and specifications.

Remove and replace existing electronic access control devices and stanchions per drawings; Phase demolition of existing access control devices to ensure building and site is secured at all times.

Install Vanderbilt ePACS for the building exterior and interior, including card readers and access control door hardware.

Upgrade existing Employee Entrances at Basement level P1, first floor and third floor interior vestibules with new ePACS card readers, ISIP CCTV cameras and video intercoms per contract documents in compliance with Standard Design Criteria (SDC).

Interior and exterior modifications will be performed to provide access control while adhering to egress requirements.

Integrate newePACS system into new ISIP CCTV system.

Repair/ rework existing site paving as indicated in drawings.

Upgrade and run new conduit, wiring, fiber, surge protection per drawings.

Install USPS Standard Design Criteria (SDC) compliant ISIP/CCTV system with existing stand-alone PTZ cameras and fixed ePACS-related cameras as shown on construction documents.

Extend cabling and fiber optic cable backbone to new locations.

This scope of work is a summary only and is not intended to limit the scope of access control/security work and construction as indicated in drawings and specifications.Estimated Construction Cost Range: $2,600,000 - $2,900,000 (Project is currently UNFUNDED).

PRE-PROPOSAL MEETING: April 2, 2019 at 2:00 PM CST, Room 125, Minneapolis MN P&DC, 100 South 1st Street, Minneapolis MN 55401.


A Bid bond is not required.

OFFEROR'S PROPOSAL RETURN PACKAGE should be submitted via the Emptoris application, https://uspsprod.emptoris.com, by the proposal due date & time.

It is the contractors' responsibility to seek confirmation of the receipt of their proposals.

If you are not currently registered in Emptoris, notify us after registration so that we can include your company in the Emptoris invitation.

All proposal information received is confidential until award of a contract.

Upon award,the name of the successful offeror and the amount of the award will be released as public information.

For the award of this solicitation, price is more important than technical.

However, the Postal Service may not necessarily make an award at the lowest price in order to achieve a small price savings if better value can be achieved with a superior technical response.

VETS DOL email approval to supplier must be submitted with proposal package.

VETS Form 4212 must be completed and DOL approved prior to award.

VETS Form 4212 and instructions are included in the Offeror's Return Package.

The ePACS - electronic physical access control programmer (integrator) must possess a current Vanderbilt certification and possess a Postal Sensitive Security Clearance that is active for the duration of the project.CCTV Requirement: Please contact Michael Tracey of Securitas Electronic Security directly for additional information involving the material list and direct purchase pricing.

Reference Section 282304 of the specifications: Security and Robbery Countermeasures Analog CCTV System which outlines the contractor's responsibilities.

Contact information for the CCTV Security, Inc.

Michael Tracey, USPS Account Manager, 3 Westchester Plaza Elmsford, NY.

10523, Cell: 571-451-7629 I Email: [email protected] qualify, a company must meet the following minimum requirements:(1) Contractors must provide a copy of a current General Contractors license from any State issuing such licenses.

(2) Contractors must have been in the construction business for a minimum of five consecutive years as of the date of this solicitation.

There is no requirement that eligible contracting firms remained the identical entity for the five year period, although legal entity changes (such as from a partnership to a corporation) that occurred during this five-year period should be clearly explained, and if key personnel were retained, this should also be clearly explained.(3) Contractor must be capable of obtaining performance and payment bonds for 100% of the contract price.(4) Contractors must provide their EMR rating on insurance company letterhead.

If the EMR rating is greater than 1.0, the contractor must provide an explanation from its insurance company in order to be given further consideration for prequalification.

An EMR in excess of 1.0 may be grounds for eliminating a firm from further consideration by the evaluation team.(5) Company must submit information for three comparable security upgrade projects that have either been completed within the past five years or are currently ongoing.

Comparable projects are defined as projects with similar scopes of work and costs of $750,000 or more.The Qualification / Evaluation Package will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria stated.

The price proposals for only the most highly qualified contractors will be considered.
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Contracting Office Address
PO Box 27497 Greensboro, North Carolina 27498-1103 United States
Place Of Performance
Room 125, Minneapolis MN P&DC, 100 South 1st Street Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 United States
Added Datetime
2019-03-15 16:00:09
Updated Datetime
2019-03-15 23:05:37 [Refresh]

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