Gas Line Repair

Department of Homeland Security - United States Coast Guard (USCG) - USCG Base New Orleans

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United States Coast Guard (USCG)
USCG Base New Orleans
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May 15, 2019 10:56 am STATEMENT OF WORK FORUSCG Base New Orleans Housing Station Grand Isle LA, 70358 CERTIFICATION OF REPLACEMENT OF NATURAL GAS LINES AT TWO GOVERNMENT OWNED HOUSING UNITS IN GRAND ISLE LA, 70358 FOR USCG BASE NEW ORLEANS HOUSING PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 INTENT: Removal, disposal, install, and test of new natural gas lines at unit 03 and 11 Paratus Pl.

Grand Isle LA, 70358.

1.02 SCOPE: This contract covers a service agreement that meets or exceeds the requirements covered herein and detailed in section 1.05 below.


Contact natural gas Company to secure meter "if needed".2.

Remove old natural gas line, dispose, and replace with new.3.

Replace valves and fittings as needed, on boiler/hot water tank too "if needed".


Back fill trench.


Contact city inspector for test/inspection.


Contact Gas Company to re-establish service "if needed".7.

Light piolet flame.


Inspection by OHMC or Local housing rep.

1.03 GOVERNMENT FURNISHED: N/A.1.04 CONTRACTOR FURNISHED: All labor, materials, and supervision in order to accomplish the below requirements 1.05 REQUIREMENTS: The Contractor shall meet the desired outcome listed below and perform to the standards indicated.A.

Contractor is to purchase all needed supplies and materials.


Remove and disposal of all damaged materials.


Install new gas line and all needed parts.


Contact city inspector for test and certification.


After inspection, contractor /vendor shall receive payment.

PART 2 INSPECTIONS AND ACCEPTANCE 2.01 Contracting Officer: The Contracting Officer has the overall responsibility for the administration of this contract.

He or she alone is authorized to take actions on behalf of the Government to amend, modify or deviate from the contract terms, conditions, requirements, details or delivery schedules.

The Contracting Officer may delegate certain technical responsibilities to a technical representative.

2.02 Inspection: Contractor will be accompanied by a member of Base New Orleans Housing Office or Local unit rep for duration of service visit.

Contractor will provide all required documentation for service visit at the conclusion of servicing.
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Automatic, 15 days after response date
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Contracting Office Address
4640 Urquhart Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70117-4698 United States
Place Of Performance
453 Admiral Craik Drive Grand Isle, Louisiana 70358 United States
Added Datetime
2019-05-15 10:30:08
Updated Datetime
2019-05-18 11:15:29 [Refresh]

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