Surgicial Neurological Monitoring BPA

Department of the Air Force - Air Force Materiel Command - AFLCMC/PZIO - WPAFB

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Air Force Materiel Command
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Apr 15, 2019 10:08 am This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with (IAW) the format in Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR) Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice.

This acquisition will use Simplified Acquisition Methods in accordance with FAR Subpart 13.3.

This announcement, with its attachments, constitutes the only solicitation; offers are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.

Contract financing is NOT provided for in this acquisition.

The Government intends to make one (1) award pursuant to this solicitation to the offeror whose offer, conforming to the solicitation requirements, represents the best value to the Government, price and other factors considered.

The Government intends to award without discussions and the Government reserves the right to make no award at all depending upon the quality of offers received.

Solicitation Number: This solicitation, number A001502, is issued as a Request for Quotation.

Set-Aside: This action is not set-aside under FAR 19.

Requirement: The Wright-Patterson Medical Treatment Facility requires surgical neurological monitoring support services capable of providing services in accordance with Performance Work Statement dated 14 December 2018, which is located at attachment 1.

The Contracting Officer (CO) has determined that a Pre-Priced Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is the most appropriate method for procuring this requirement.

A BPA is a simplified method of filling anticipated repetitive needs for supplies or services by establishing "charge accounts" with qualified sources of supply.

Supplies or services are ordered by placing calls against the BPA by personnel authorized by the CO to make such calls.

The contractor provides the supplies or performs the services covered under the BPA IAW the BPA Terms of Agreement at the prices on the price list approved by the CO.

The contractor submits price lists for the CO's approval, which are valid for a specific period of time (normally one year); i.e.

5 Sep 2013 through 4 Sep 2014.

The BPA will be written for a period of 5 years, during which the Government is only obligated for authorized purchases made under the BPA.

Therefore, a BPA does not include any minimum purchase requirement or maximum dollar limitation.

The Government is not obligated to make any calls against the BPA, which may be cancelled by the Government or the contractor in accordance with the cancellation terms specified in the BPA Terms of Agreement.

For additional information on BPAs refer to Federal Acquisition Regulation 13.303.

All prospective awardees are required to register in the System for Award Management (SAM) and to maintain active registration during the life of the contract.

SAM can be accessed at

Offerors and contractors may obtain information on registration and annual confirmation requirements by calling 1-888-227-2423, or via the Internet at

Prior to BPA award your company must be registered with SAM.All Contractors must also have a DUNS number.

The DUNS number is a nine-digit number assigned by Dun and Bradstreet Information Services.

If the offeror does not have a DUNS number, it should contact Dun and Bradstreet directly to obtain one.

A DUNS number will be provided immediately by telephone at no charge to the offeror.

For information on obtaining a DUNS number, the offeror, if located within the United States, should call Dun and Bradstreet at 1-800-333-0505.

The offeror should be prepared to provide the following information:(1) Company name.(2) Company address.(3) Company telephone number.(4) Line of business.(5) Chief executive officer/key manager.(6) Date the company was started.(7) Number of people employed by the company.(8) Company affiliation.Provisions and Clauses: Applicable provisions and clauses are incorporated in the attached solicitation document.

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2019-01, Effective 20 Dec 2018.

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) provisions and clauses are those in effect through DFARS Publication Notice (DPN) 20180928, Effective 26 Oct 2018.

Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFFARS) provisions and clauses are those in effect through Air Force Acquisition Circular (AFAC) 2018-0525, Effective 25 May 2018.

Specific Instructions for Submission of Offers in Addition to those in FAR 52.212-1-Instructions to Offerors-Commercial Items: 1.

Offerors must submit a price list that reflects firm-fixed prices per occurrence for the following services specified in the Performance Work Statement (PWS) dated 14 December 2018 at attachment 1.

ITEM 0001 - Surgical monitoring per surgery regardless of hours; inclusive of all supplies (needles, electrodes, monitoring equipment, any special electrodes for specific cases, earphones, tape, extensions, etc.) ITEM 0002 - Call has been placed for ITEM 0001 and the patient is hooked up, baselines obtained, but the surgery is cancelled.

This price cannot exceed the price of ITEM 0001.

ITEM 0003 - Call has been placed for ITEM 0001 and the technologist is on site, but has not performed any services because surgery is cancelled.

This price cannot exceed the price of ITEM 0001 or the price of ITEM 0002.

The price of an individual call for ITEM 0001, 0002 or 0003 shall not exceed $25,000.

The price list must also include: 1) Offeror's name, address, voice phone number, and tax identification number (TIN)2) Point of contact's name, voice phone number, fax number, and email address 3) Price list number, date, and effective period - normally a minimum of one year4) Item number for the services described above and the associated price for each service 2.

Offerors must complete and submit with their price list the following representations and certifications, which are incorporated into the BPA Terms and Conditions, Provisions and Clauses.

FAR 52.212-3-Offeror Representations and Certifications-Commercial Items with its Alternate I 3.

Separate from the price list, submit documentation of your company's capability to perform the services called for in the PWS to the standards specified therein.

For each technician the offeror proposes to use to perform services called for in the PWS, submit copies of certifications from the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET), current Basic Life Support card, and any evidence of continuing education in the field.


Submit the evidence of insurability concerning the medical liability insurance required by paragraph (a) of solicitation clause 52.237-7-Indemnification and Medical Liability Insurance.

Regarding the clause at 52.228-5 - Insurance Work on a Government Installation, see FAR 28.307 for minimum insurance requirements.

Evaluation: The evaluation factors for this solicitation are Technical and Price.

Technical: The Government will review the documentation provided by the offeror and make an assessment of the offeror's ability to perform the services called for in the PWS to the standards specified therein.

Notwithstanding any other documentation provided by the offeror, failure to provide the requisite certifications, Basic Life Support cards and evidence of continuing education, may render an offer ineligible for award.

In addition the Government will review the evidence of insurability concerning the medical liability insurance required by paragraph (a) of solicitation clause 52.237-7-Indemnification and Medical Liability Insurance to ensure insurance is current, that it is in the amount(s) specified in paragraph (a), and that it meets all other requirements of the clause.

Price: The Government will evaluate the proposed price of each service, ITEM 0001, ITEM 0002, and ITEM 0003 to determine if prices conform to the "Specific Instructions to Offerors" above.

The total evaluated price (TEP) of an offer will be the sum of the prices of ITEM 0001, ITEM 0002, and ITEM 0003.

An offeror will be unawardable if prices are not submitted IAW the "Specific Instructions to Offerors" above, if the TEP is determined not be fair and reasonable or if the price of any item is determined to be not fair and reasonable.

Award: Award will be made to the lowest priced offeror whose offer conforms to the solicitation and is deemed to meet all Technical Evaluation criteria.

Consent to RFQ Terms and Conditions: Submission of offers in response to this solicitation constitutes assent by the offeror to all of its terms and conditions including its attachments, which, with the exception of provisions, will be incorporated into the resulting BPA.

Due Date and Point of Contact: Questions in response to this announcement must be received in writing and e-mailed to [email protected] no later than 1:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Time on 25 April 2019.

Price lists and responses must be received no later than 1:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Time on 30 April 2019.

To ensure receipt E-mail proposals to both [email protected] and [email protected]

Be advised that all e-mail correspondence related to this RFP shall contain a subject line that reads "A001502, Surgical Neurological Monitoring." Note that e-mail filters at Wright-Patterson are designed to filter e-mails without subject lines or with suspicious subject lines or contents (i.e., .exe or .zip files).

Therefore, if this subject line is not included, the e-mail may not get through the e-mail filters.

Also be advised that .zip or .exe files are not allowable attachments and may be deleted by the e-mail filters at Wright-Patterson.

If sending attachments with e-mail, ensure only .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls or .xlsx documents are sent.

The e-mail filter may delete any other form of attachments.

Direct any and all questions regarding this requirement to 1st Lt Jason Passarella at (937) 522-4581 or [email protected]
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Contracting Office Address
1940 ALLBROOK DRIVE WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio 45433-5309 United States
Place Of Performance
4881 Sugar Maple Dr WPAFB, Ohio 45433 United States
Added Datetime
2019-04-15 09:30:12
Updated Datetime
2019-04-16 00:30:28 [Refresh]

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