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Sep 13, 2017 2:44 pm Modified: May 16, 2018 1:26 pmTrack Changes DLA Land at Aberdeen is issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a five (5) year, Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) type contract, with an estimated contract value of $77,399,674.

The proposed action is for the acquisition and repair for the items detailed below (Table 1 details the items being procured and Table 2 details the items being repaired).

The production portion of the acquisition will be firm-fixed-price (FFP).

The repair services portion of the contract will be cost plus fixed fee (CPFF).

Table 1 NSN Part Number Nomenclature 5865-01-571-8436 8416099-1 Receiver Countermeasure (Gen 3 ECU)5975-01-645-5658 8467436-1 Chassis Assy5998-01-652-9732 8416102-1 Panel Assy5836-01-645-2508 8417231-4 Module Assy, Common Video Processor (CPM)5845-01-645-2524 800406-7 Controller5998-01-645-5686 8412812-4 Module Assy,AIO Processor (APM)5998-01-652-6062 800406-8 Peripheral5998-01-645-5681 8412813-4 Peripheral Processor Module Assy (PPM)6130-01-645-2514 8422412-3 Power Supply, Front End, Gen3 ECU (PSFE)6130-01-652-6056 8422412-2 Power Supply, Back End, Gen3 ECU (PSBE)5995-01-645-2539 8439195-1 Fan/Harness5998-01-645-8049 8438870-4 Module Assy, Jammer Processor (JPM)5998-01-647-8993 8438871-4 Module Assy, Indicator Processor (IPM)5998-01-645-5646 8412814-1 Common Video Processor Mezzanine (CVP)5998-01-645-5643 8419383-2 CCA, Aircraft Input/Output (AIO)5998-01-645-5675 8433413-1 CCA, Discrete Input/Output (DIO)6605-01-650-3156 HG19303BA99 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)6650-01-652-6067 3111402G3 Filter/Optical5996-01-652-5952 3111439G2 Intensifier VIDAR5860-01-645-7654 3111494G2 Secondary Optics5998-01-645-5650 8411093-1 CCA, VIPE5865-01-457-4947 8355115G1 Sensor,Electro-Optic, Countermeasure (EOMS)5998-01-651-4127 3111447G1 CCA, EOMS J1 Flex Cable6120-01-651-8987 21100309-101 High Voltage Power Supply5865-01-605-2375 196405-0002 Container, Countermeasure Chaff (Payload)4920-01-524-4734 341001-7002 Tester, Countermeasure Dispensing Set (CDT)7025-01-647-8526 8460840-1 GEN 3 UDM (37.5GB)7025-01-648-4924 8460840-2 GEN 3 UDM (75GB)5865-01-529-7225 196401-0001 Dispenser Subassembly (DISP) Table 2 NSN Part# Nomenclature 5865-01-571-8436 8416099-1 GEN3 ECU 5865-01-457-4947 8355115G1 EOMS 5865-01-529-7225 196401-0001 Dispenser (DISP) 5865-01-495-3645 3313-AS-450-1 Control, Countermeasures Set (CI) 4920-01-524-4734 341001-7002 Tester, Countermeasure Dispensing Set (CDT) This acquisition is in support of the AN/AAR-57A(V) Warning Receiver System, Countermeasure - CMWS.

The CMWS is an airborne missile warning system for rotary and fixed wing aircraft which is capable of detecting Infrared (IR) guided missile.

The mission of the CMWS is to provide a missile warning system to detect and declare a potentially lethal IR missile presence and signal a countermeasures dispenser system to automatically imitate expendable countermeasures as appropriate.

Based on market research, these items are manufactured for military use only and are not commercial; therefore, FAR Part 15 will apply to this acquisition.

This acquisition will not be set aside for small business.

There are no technical drawings available.

If you have any questions, please contract Mimi Kirkland (443) 861-4538, [email protected]
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Office of HQ PS (HQ)U.S. Department of EnergyOffice of Headquarters Procurement ServicesMA-641000 Independence Ave., S.W.WashingtonDC20585US
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2018-05-16 13:00:41
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2018-05-17 03:00:07 [Refresh]

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